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Put Up Or Shut Up
All Time Low Put Up or Shut Up.jpg
Artist(s) All Time Low
Released July 25, 2006
Genre Pop Punk
Length 23:24
Label Hopeless
Producer Paul Leavitt
The Party Scene
So Wrong, It's Right

Put Up or Shut Up is an EP by All Time Low, released in 2006. The title originates from lyrics taken from "Break Out! Break Out!". The EP has sold over 60,000 copies. Five of the tracks are rerecordings of the band's debut album, The Party Scene.

Track listing[]

(All lyrics written by Alex Gaskarth).

  1. Coffee Shop Soundtrack - 3:01
  2. Break Out! Break Out! - 3:03
  3. The Girl's a Straight-Up Hustler - 3:38
  4. Jasey Rae - 3:39
  5. The Party Scene - 2:57
  6. Running from Lions - 3:01
  7. Lullabies - 4:03